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Brush Box FAQ's

What is a Brush Box? A Brush box is a surprise collection of some of our current favorites.  

What is included in a Brush Box? Each box comes with a carefully hand-selected collection of items from our store.  These items could be anything from seasonal decor, candles, home goods, or other gift items.  

What is the difference between the Mini Brush Box and the Regular Size? We want everyone to have the chance to enjoy some of our favorite items. The Mini Brush Box is a great affordable option for those still looking for a fun variety of surprises.  The Mini Box will either have less items, or a variety of  items at a different price point.  

What if I don't like an item in my Brush Box?  We pick only quality items that we feel will appeal to most people.  Understandably, not everyone will have a use for each item, but rest assured you can always feel good about gifting individual items to friends or family!  We do not accept returns on individual items, or boxes in general.  

When will I get my Brush Box? Box pick-up dates will be provided in the description. 

Can I have my Brush Box shipped? You bet!  Brush Box's make a perfect gift.  You can opt to have the box shipped for an additional fee when ordering.  You can even leave instructions for a special note to be included!

Are there a limited number of Brush Boxes? Boxes are limited, so it is first come, first serve.