Come paint with us and make a Fall sign of your choice to celebrate one of the best seasons!  If you have questions about which size to pick for your design please feel free to email or call ahead of signing up.  In general, rectangular designs will fit best on a 12x24, square designs on a 12x12 or 18x18, and rounds on a 15", 18" or 24" round.  The exception is the Sanderson Sisters sign, which needs to be on a 18" or 24" round. 


If there is a design outside of this selection you are interested in making you can email us your choice for an additional $5 design fee.  








Fall Sign Workshop 9/14 6pm

  • If you find that you are unable to attend you can re-schedule to another public event, or pick up materials at another time and make your sign at home. Refunds are not permitted as all designs are made to order.