Planning a Sign Party

       We are excited to host you and your friends for a party!! When planning a sign party there are a few things to know!  To plan a party for group, we ask that there are 6 or more of you.  Yes, we can host a group of less then 6, we just ask you come in during store hours.  Anytime you come in to paint, whether in a group or at a party, we will need your sign design choice a week or so in advance.  We are unique in the way that when we run our parties, we allow you to choose any design you can come up with. You are welcome to use the designs from our gallery, but you can make anything you have seen on Pinterest, or even a special quote or song lyric that means something to you.  If you are having trouble deciding, we have a gallery of past parties on our gallery page as well as a Pinterest link of our own you can scroll for ideas.


We require a $50 deposit to secure your date and time.  Whomever places the deposit will be referred to as the host.  The host's $50 deposit will be applied to their sign choice, and additional guests will sign up under their hosts's name here.


***For example, if Nicole gets a group together and puts down the deposit, the event will be named "Nicole's Party" on the site, where her friends will all register under her link. Feel free to look at dates and other events planned under private party signup.


 Pricing of the signs is dependent on size of the board you choose.  When signing up start with picking your size, then tell us what you want on it.  We will make a stencil of your design for the night of your party.  NO, you do not have to free hand anything!!!!!!!!!


***We do not need to know color choices, we will go over that the night of your party!


It is very very helpful if you are picking a design you have seen somewhere if you send us a picture of it to our email  Feel free to ask us about designs and recommendations on size for certain designs. We can help you with any questions you may have! There are options to add a frame to your design to add a nice touch, or handles to make it a tray!

       Parties are typically 2-3 hours.  At this time we are limiting adult parties to groups of 10.  Please bring plates, and silverware, and cups and napkins if you plan on having drinks and snacks.  (we are not offering cups due to COVID-19 at this time).

        If you have any other ideas of things you would like to make, we are open to your ideas!

       Please let us know if you have any other questions, we are so excited to host you and your friends!